The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

Secrets of the elusive SINGLE cuckoldress

March 05, 2022 Venus Season 2 Episode 8
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
Secrets of the elusive SINGLE cuckoldress
Show Notes

It has been said they are the unicorns of unicorns - the single female who is genuinely looking for a loving cuckolding relationship. Research has shown that more men than women have cuckolding fantasies and men fantasize about it more often than women so it's no wonder single men have such a seemingly difficult time finding a woman who would be interested in this kind of relationship dynamic. But alas they do exist! And today's show features a conversation with one of those women.  Find out what dating has been like for her, what she's really needing from the men out there, and concerns specific to being a single woman in the cuckolding lifestyle. This show is obviously a must-listen-to episode for all of the single cucks out there, but also for the single women, and for the couples there is some really interesting insight into physical and emotional safety with bulls.

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