The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

FLR - Surrender, Submit, and Serve Her, with Key Barrett M.Sc.

April 02, 2022 Venus and Key Barrett M.Sc. Season 2 Episode 10
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
FLR - Surrender, Submit, and Serve Her, with Key Barrett M.Sc.
Show Notes

It's the topic Venus has been waiting to cover and who better to cover it than the author of Surrender, Submit, and Serve Her - Key Barrett M.Sc? This book is SO GOOD and it's now available on audiobook!
About the book:
What is "Female Leadership?" It's accepting that "She knows best" in all matters. From the finances to the household to how things get done. It's trusting in her judgement to run things. This doesn't make the man weak, just the opposite, because men are the best at "getting things done."
A Female Dominant Household plays to both side's strengths and minimizes weaknesses, leading to female empowerment, greater satisfaction in the relationship, trust, bonding, and yes, mind-blowing sex.
Surrender, Submit, Serve Her seeks to help implement your female-led household through tools like the Command and Conquer meeting (commanding and conquering tasks and roadblocks, not people), laying out the contract of servitude (clearly defining her dominion and removing unnecessary confusion), and crafting your own pledge that personalizes and empowers the act of his submission.

Proud to announce that 'Surrender, Submit, Serve Her' has been nominated for the BDSM Writers Con 2017 Golden Flogger Awards for BEST BDSM Book of the Year in the Non-fiction category.

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