The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

Lilly Sparks - Enjoy the Post-F*** Glow With AfterGlow

October 14, 2023 Venus Season 3 Episode 24
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
Lilly Sparks - Enjoy the Post-F*** Glow With AfterGlow
Show Notes
Unleashing sexual empowerment and revolutionizing relationships, Lilly Sparks ignites a provocative conversation on the importance of ethical porn, challenging mainstream norms, and helping couples explore their deepest desires.Lilly Sparks is the Founder & CEO of afterglow, an ethical porn site designed to help people (women, especially) have better, more fulfilling sexual experiences. She creates porn you can learn from through sexy videos that twist common porn tropes, Eduporn and guided sex exercises. Lilly is an entrepreneur addicted to creating positive change in the world, a believer in the power of shame-free pleasure. She’s been featured everywhere from Forbes, the New York Times, to SXSW, and is an enthusiast of spending time outside, dancing, and listening to good music (preferably doing all three at once). You can find her work on, or follow @xoaftergloww on Instagram, or @xoafterglow on Twitter.Key Moments:00:06:18 - Afterglow: Porn for Women00:11:01 - Women and Porn Consumption00:12:40 - Focus on Female Pleasure00:17:12 - Importance of Sexual Wellness and Communication00:18:42 - Cuckolding and Female Pleasure00:22:36 - Eduporn and Learning Sexual Skills00:24:36 - Using Porn as a Tool for Communication00:27:28 - Ethical Porn and Behind-the-Scenes Content00:34:12 - Building Sexual Confidence00:35:39 - Investing in Self-Confidence00:36:39 - Gradual Steps and Different Comfort Zones00:37:48 - The Difficulty of Discussing Fantasies00:38:18 - Challenges with Sexual ContentOther Links:Use code VENUS for your free trial of AfterGlow -"Locked in Love" by Key Barrett - The Cuck View talk show - Worshipper Blog - my Cuckolding is Love Community on The MON App - the Helpful Cuck Tier - Dating - Radio - a private chat with Venus - Links for Venus - more about your ad choices. Visit

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