The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

How to be the BAD B**** with Dr. Tara

April 15, 2023 Venus Season 3 Episode 11
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
How to be the BAD B**** with Dr. Tara
Show Notes
This is a straight up MUST LISTEN episode for all the fellas and the ladies. What is it that makes a woman so powerful....such a bad b****? Does it come naturally or is it a choice?Cuckolding relationships are unique in that they foster this kind of sexual expression for women. Learn how to ramp that up and even evolve into something even more incredible. Be prepared to be blown away by this episode.About Dr. Tara:Dr. Tara is a tenured professor of relational and sexual communication at California State University Fullerton (received her tenure at the age of 33), an award-winning researcher, a sex and relationship coach, and the host of Luvbites by Dr. Tara Podcast that focuses on sexual wellness and sexploration. Her work has been featured in KTLA News, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health Magazine, Insider, and other media outlets. She's also on the advisory board for the MŌN app and Superstars - Tara on Instagram - and Twitter -  Venus Connections - matchmaking for cuckolding and FLR relationships - MasterClass "Opening up Your Relationship" replay weekend - GTFO Radio Venus Live with Crystal Welch April 18th 12pm PT - Support the showDestination Links for Venus - more about your ad choices. Visit

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