The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

How it all began - back to the beginning

February 01, 2020 Venus Episode 2
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
How it all began - back to the beginning
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Are you wondering how a woman finds herself loving cuckolding relationships? Join Venus as she tells her story of how she came across this beautiful relationship dynamic and has never looked back since. Venus explains what makes this lifestyle such a great fit for her and details how her first cuckolding experience was so life changing for her - spoiler alert - it's super hot!!

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Intro:   0:00
Welcome to the Venus Cuckoldress podcast. A place to learn all things cuckolding for the curious, the passionate, and the sexually empowered woman who wants it all. Make sure you go to to subscribe to the podcast and check out the Venus Blog. And, of course, if you love it, share it. Now sit back, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show with your host, Venus.  

Venus:   0:47
Welcome to the Venus Cuckoldress podcast. I'm your host, Venus. Today's episode is going to be all about how I became a cuckoldress and what those first experiences were like for me and spoiler alert, they were crazy hot! All right, so it's gonna be a really fun episode, and I hope you'll enjoy it. First, just a quick little reminder for those of you who are just curious about what cuckolding actually is uh, or have never heard of it before, I'll just give you a quick little explanation here. So cuckolding, this is my definition anyway, cuckolding is a relationship between two people where she sleeps with whoever she wants, and he is only faithful to her, and they both love it that way. Usually it's a committed, long term, loving, caring relationship. So that's what cuckolding is. It's a one sided open relationship.  

Venus:   1:43
First, I think I will tell you a little bit about myself because I think it's important to know kind of what my background is, how I got into this and why it fit me so well. So for a long time right back to high school, I have always had pretty significant sexual appetite and been really open minded, um, and curious to learn about new things. And so I really I was pretty slutty right from day one, um, in high school and and throughout my life, and I think in in high school I have May. I slept with a lot of guys and I liked it and I had fun, and I definitely had the reputation of being a slot. And, of course, in high school it's not the greatest thing, so I wouldn't say it damaged me, really didn't. But, um, it bothered me a little bit that people kind of labeled me like that. Now I totally embrace that term, and I think it's something to be admired. So that's changed. But anyway, I always had a healthy sexual appetite so that never really changed. Um, and I know I had a lot of boyfriends and I couldn't seem to ever stay faithful to them. I cheated on all of them, and at first, like, I really honestly thought that there was something wrong with me. I was like, why can't I just, you know, not cheat on this guy? I mean I don't understand because it was a guy after guy I would cheat on him, he find out we broke up. I was like, ah, shit, like I did it again and like I really honestly thought that there was something wrong with me and this continued for, like, my whole life. And so anyway, that's a little bit about my my past.  

Venus:   3:29
Um, back in 2008 I came across the Dan Savage column Savage Love. And for those of you who don't know Dan Savage, he writes for the stranger in the Seattle newspaper. Seattle and, um, it's published all across the world, but, um, it's fantastic. Basically, it's sex advice column for, um, people who, you know, write in their questions. And he lets you know what to do. But hey gets all sorts of questions about different kinds of relationships, and up until then, I had never actually heard of anything other than your usual story of monogamy. So I had no idea that there were other kinds of relationships that even existed, and that's crazy to think but like I had never heard of anything other than monogamy, that whole bullshit story of like you know, there's one person out there for you, this magical love that you will find and if you guys love each other enough that you'll never cheat on each other and and if you do cheat on each other, then you don't. You just never loved each other enough in the first place. And that was the bullshit story that I had learned in my life and and never kind of questioned it until I came across Dan Savage. And when I started to read about different kinds of relationships in his columns, I was just like, blown away. I had no idea that it existed, and it was actually like a pivotal moment in my life because I think I knew deep down in my my heart that there was something else out there for me other than this kind of standardized, monogamy kind of relationship. So the more I read about Dan Savage and, um, his advice to people, the more curious I became. And right around that same time, I found myself in a swingers chat room and was the first time that I was exposed to swingers and I like I didn't know anything about them. But the first thing that I thought was so incredible and so amazing was these people are really cool, like every single one of them, really nice, nonjudgmental, very friendly and very accepting of other people. And I thought, wow, like every single person in that lifestyle was like this, and I thought that was that's just so cool. But for me, it was fascinating to be able to see these couples who could successfully be non monogamous, like have sex with other people and that jealousy factor wasn't there, And for me, I was just blown away by that like I was shocked, surprised, and yet I loved it so much, and I just wanted to learn more so through the swingers lifestyle I mean, I met some really, really amazing friends to this day. So for like the last...I don't know...10 plus years, I still have these amazing friends in this lifestyle, and it's because of them that I was able to or because of that, that community, that I was able to have some really insanely hot experiences and it kind of opened my sexuality and explore it and go down that road. So it was pretty amazing, and I will always be grateful for that opportunity. So the swinging lifestyle was, you know, it was pretty awesome for having experiences and being able to have, you know, threesomes, foursomes, orgies and just be around people who thought about sex as something that was so different from what I had, you know, thought about before. And it was just a fantastic experience, but dating in that lifestyle kind of sucked. So the majority of the time that I spent in that lifestyle, I'd say 99% of the time, I spent it as a solo woman myself and my girlfriends, so I was like a unicorn, and I was able to just basically do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and enjoy that kind of freedom, that kind of sexual freedom to just make my own choices and not have to be dictated by somebody else what I could do and what I couldn't do. And so I kind of got used to that and I liked it. And so when I would come across somebody who I wanted to date ah, which wasn't very often but because there's not a lot of solo guys that are at these events. But when I did, I was kind of like, turned off by the whole okay, now I gotta think about this person, and they have to give me some rules about what I can and can't do so that they stay comfortable and I have to communicate with this person about what I'm doing, and they have to be there or they have. You know, there's all these rules and boundaries and limits and everything like that, which is totally normal in the swingers community but for me, I was like, this kind of sucks like I don't really like it. I wanted to do whatever I wanted. I want I want to just do it. And I remember, this is so crazy... but I remember one day I was thinking about what is it that I really want? And I just stood there, close my eyes and I had this kind of vision in my mind where I was in this big room and there was a lot of people there and I was kind of in the center of the room. And there were all of these people who I know in the swingers community who were all around me. And then there was, like people who are kind of like pawing at me like I'm like, I want to get with you and stuff like that and I turned and looked and this guy who was like my boyfriend or husband or something, who was kind of further out towards the edge of the room and he was standing there and he just had this smile on his face and he was looking at me like, that's my girl like, look at her. And that's what I thought about in my mind and I was like, oh, well, if only I could find that. But but and at that moment, I had never heard of cuckolding and did not know what it was. I had no idea about this lifestyle that I'm in now and yet I knew that that's what I wanted.  

Venus:   9:42
And it wasn't. Oh, when was it? Like, I don't know...a few months later, when I was on tinder and on my tinder profile it said that I have no plans on being monogamous so I hope you're okay with that. And because I don't like for me I'm very straightforward and upfront about that. Like why... why bother waste my time with somebody who is, you know, set on monogamy. And we, you know, spend time together and have feelings for each other and then realize we're not compatible in that way. So for me, it makes no sense to invest that time into somebody when you're not even compatible in what you want for monogamy so, or sexuality for that matter. And so I'm up front about that. And so this guy who was visiting Vancouver at the time he matched with me, I guess he decided that that was a pretty good thing to have on a profile for a woman because he's a cuck like he knew that that's what he wanted and he wanted to be able to find a girl who would be into it and apparently that's not easy. So we first talked a little bit about, like, this whole he wanted to know about, you know so you sleep with other people, like tell me about that and stuff and we just talked about it a little bit and the more we talked, he just brought it up a little bit by little bit, and then over the next couple of weeks he finally dropped that term cuck and I was like, what is that? So he explained it to me. The fact that he wanted me to sleep with whoever I wanted to sleep with and that the more the better. And he just wanted to be faithful to me. He did not want to do that on his own like that was not part of the plan, like he just wanted to date me. He didn't want to sleep with anybody else but he really wanted me to sleep with other people. And I was just like, oh my fuck! Are you serious? Like this is too good to be true? I feel like I just hit the jackpot and I really liked him, so I was like wow, this is awesome. And so this became something that kind of blossomed between us, and the more we dove into it, the more I loved it. And from that point on, it was just awesome and I've literally never looked back since then. So it was quite the experience being able to find somebody who could love me just for that and everything else about me, but literally just for that part alone is so difficult to find somebody who will love you for your sluttyness I just think as a woman that's hard to find. That's kind of like opposite from what you would expect. And but it's true this guy absolutely loved and adored that side of me and encouraged it and celebrated it. And I felt like for the first time in my life that I had found something that truly belong to me. Like this lifestyle was meant for me. And so I know that's different from a lot of women because a lot of women are introduced by their husband. They bring it up and they're they're not quite sure they're like hmmm I don't know, maybe that this is not like they don't have the traits or whatever for it or whatever, and they're not quite sure. And they kind of dip their toes into it a little bit at a time but for me, no, I just dove right in. I was like, I am all for this. This is exactly what I have been waiting for. So it was a perfect fit right from the beginning.  

Venus:   13:18
At that time, I had already like a bunch of guys that I was sleeping with, so I was continuing with that and just meeting new guys and sleeping with them and stuff like that. But he was just, like, really excited, like the more guys that I was with and I was having tons of fun and it was pretty awesome. But for the first actual cuckolding experience, I had found this bull, and for those of you don't know what that is that the guy that I fuck, that's the term that I give him is a bull, that's his role, that's what he does. I'll go into more detail in different episodes about what exactly that is but this bull that I had found, I had found him through a post I have put online back in the day when Craigslist personals was thing and I had in my ad put something like, uh, I was really actually was looking for a black guy at the time. And I said, I want my boyfriend to be able to listen on the phone, so you have to be okay with that. And so there was this upfront expectation that this was gonna happen. I was gonna have my boyfriend listen on the phone during this experience, and so I was kind of fucking nervous. I'd never done this before. I mean, I've had lots of obviously amazing sex crazy experiences, but I had never actually had someone I love. Listen on the phone before, So I was a little nervous, but, um, we had set up a hotel and I remember walking into the lobby and I was on the phone with my boyfriend and I was just just a ball of nerves, just super nervous. But he was reassuring and excited as well, nervous as well, because up until that point, he had not done that either. And I didn't really know this bull very well, but I did have a good feeling about him. I had I talked to him a bit about what was happening and stuff like that, and he was all he was all for it. This bull had experience and, um, with cuckolding couples. So that was reassuring to me that he understood this dynamic. And so I walked upstairs, um, or walked to the elevator, went upstairs and ah walked into the room and met up with this guy. He was hot and he just kind of gave me a smile when I walked into the room and I was like, hey, I'm a little nervous, but I'm excited and then don't really remember, I think we had a drink first and then I took off my clothes and got on my phone and dialed my boyfriend's number. I got him on the phone and dropped to my knees and then in front of this guy and just sucked the big dick with my boyfriend listening on the phone, and it was so fucking hot, like it was hot because the experience itself is hot, but just having my boyfriend listening to that, like the phone is literally right next my face, but having him listen to oh, my god, it was, like, really fucking hot. And, um, so he could hear what I was doing but I was still a little bit like, nervous about saying anything into the phone at that point because this is my first experience and stuff, so I think, oh, my god, it was like it's actually hard for me to talk about right now because it was so sexy. But at one point, this bull decided to kind of take charge and he started giving me some dialogue like I was not expecting that. And he was telling me to say things into the phone and I was things I would not normally say at that point I mean, I have no problem saying it now, but oh, my god, I was a little bit shocked, and but it was so fucking hot. And the moment I said it oh, like I could feel the reaction from my boyfriend on the phone. I could literally feel it like it was just the most intense hot turn on thing ever...and... for him and for me. So there was just this dialogue that was going on between the three of us. Oh, my God. It was so sexy. And this guy's dick was so big. So like, oh, fuck, it was, um It was, like, literally everything I could've hoped it to be for this experience. It was insanely fucking hot. And after I left, I called my boyfriend and I was just like, Wow, that was something else. And he was just beside himself as well, it was just the most incredible experience I've ever had in my life. And who knows? Maybe it will continue to be the most incredible experience I've ever had in my whole life. And I just feel like I was literally on top of the world after that, for for days. I was like it was like feeling like I was high. It was that intense, but it was so connecting between me and him, like that experience that we shared. Maybe because it was the first, or maybe because it was just so different from what we'd ever experienced before, I don't know. But it brought us so close together, and I remember him saying afterwards. I trust you more now than ever.  

Venus:   18:42
And I think that just is like the perfect example of what cuckolding relationships can do is that this whole thing is not about me cheating on him. This is about us kind of like exploring our trust together in a way that brings us so close, which is what people don't understand about cuckolding relationships. They think that it's all about her just fucking other guys. They don't even understand that there's this whole layer to it that is something that grows relationships. It makes them solid and beautiful and incredible and long lasting. So that's what I hope to portray to people that you know what it was about a sexual experience for me that first time, but it was also something that for me it clicked as far as the relationship went. It was like, all right, this is what love really is. This is what exploring your sexuality with the person you love is. And so for that I will always be grateful for that opportunity. And I love the fact that I found cuckolding but because you know, you could search your whole life looking for something that really kind of fits you like that. But for me, it sucks because it's really hard to find because, like I said before, it doesn't work when it's with somebody who you don't love. So finding love is difficult, of course, as it is, but finding love with somebody who clicks with you in this kind of a relationship dynamic, then that's... that's really fucking hard as well, So that part kind of sucks, but it is possible. You just have to keep looking and not give up.  

Venus:   20:21
So anyway, that's my story about how I got into cuckolding relationships. That was back in 2015 and I've had a few relationships since then, and it's like I said, it's not easy to find. So anyway, I I hope that more women become interested in it. And maybe when you hear this story about how I got into it and what that first experience was like, maybe you'll consider it, maybe you will understand it in a different way that is more positive to what is being portrayed out there as cuckolding. So that's my hope anyway. Please make sure that you visit to have a look at the blog and also to subscribe to the podcast. And you can always visit me on Twitter at @CuckoldressV

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