The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

The ultimate guide to dating in the cuckold lifestyle

August 03, 2020 Venus Episode 10
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
The ultimate guide to dating in the cuckold lifestyle
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You're single and you know you want a cuckolding relationship - so where do you start? How do you bring it up? Do you bring it up right away? Do you wait? How do you approach women? What should you write in your dating profile? Where do you find women who are into this? So many questions!

Join Venus as she attempts to answer all of these questions and gives her best tips and advice for finding a woman to explore this kind of loving relationship with. It's a long one so get your notepad ready because this is where you'll get the best advice from a woman's perspective.

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Are there many women looking?
Should you bring it up right away?
Are you ready for this?
Option A or option B
How to know if she is open minded
Profiles to avoid
What to write on your dating profile
What to avoid putting on your profile
Where to look online
How to approach women online
What do you have to offer
Put cuckolding to the side