The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

Unraveling the cuck shame spiral - with Dr. David Ley

April 17, 2021 Venus and Dr. David Ley Episode 22
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
Unraveling the cuck shame spiral - with Dr. David Ley
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Have you struggled with the cuckolding fantasies and thoughts that you have? Have you felt like you don't have control over them? Do you feel "addicted" to cuckold porn or cuckolding fantasy sites? This episode could quite possibly be the most important thing you'll listen to!

Dr. David Ley sits down with Venus to explore why so many men seem to fall into the cuck shame spiral, the reasons behind it, and steps they can take begin to turn it around.

David Ley is a clinical psychologist, sex therapist and author, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He's the author of several books and research articles on sexuality, including his first book, Insatiable Wives - Women who Stray and the Men Who Love Them, which was the first book to examine the cuckolding and hotwife phenomenon. With Justin Lehmiller and Dan Savage, he published the first psychological study of the cuckold fantasy. Dr. Ley is a frequent guest in media around the world, with appearances in the New York Times, CNN and Time Magazine, as well as Hustler and Playboy magazines.

Dr. David J. Ley

Books by Dr. David Ley:
Insatiable Wives
The Myth of Sex Addiction


Resources mentioned in this episode:
American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists
National Coalition for Sexual Freedoms - Kink Aware Professionals Directory

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Insatiable Wives book
Research study on cuckolding fantasies
The myth of sex addiction
The struggle with morality and shame
The shame spiral
The paradox
Trends with cuckolding
A mental vacation for a cuckold
Steps you can take
Can you love yourself?
Compassion for yourself
Sexual integrity
A buffet of self exploration