The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

Have you been stuck on the fence?

May 01, 2021 Venus Episode 23
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
Have you been stuck on the fence?
Show Notes

This episode starts off with some exciting announcements including new merch for The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast! Whether you want something cheeky, bold, subtle, or sweet, the Venus store will have something for everyone. Check it out

Next, S from GTAhotwife  joins Venus to respond to a listener's plea for help. One minute her partner seems to want her to fulfill his fetish fantasies and the next minute it's the opposite and she's left confused and wondering what to do. Is he stuck on the fence? Is this to be expected with an inexperienced cuck? What steps can they take to repair the damage and move forward together?

Many new couples will be able to relate to their struggles so if you want to avoid some pitfalls or are experiencing them now, this episode is for you!

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