The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

How to know if cuckolding is right for you

May 29, 2021 Venus Episode 25
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
How to know if cuckolding is right for you
Show Notes

It's a simple question that likely every guy who has thought about cuckolding relationships has wondered.... yet it's not such a simple answer.

Should I be careful what I wish for? How do I know cuckolding is right for me? How do I know the reality won't be that much different from the fantasy? How do I know if I will regret it?

This episode is a listener question and in order to dive deep on this one, Venus enlisted the help of 10 guys in the cuckolding lifestyle to weigh in and offer their advice. They've offered up an outstanding collection of helpful tips and strategies that will be invaluable to many listeners of the podcast.

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