The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

The sexually empowered woman who wants it all

June 26, 2021 Venus Episode 27
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
The sexually empowered woman who wants it all
Show Notes

"The woman that left to go on her first date with another man never came home that night. The woman that returned resembled my wife, but will never be the same again. She has finally found the sexual being that has always been lurking just beneath the surface of her."  -- written by Ryan (Mae's husband) on The Taboo Couple Next Door

This episode is a shining example of how this incredible relationship dynamic naturally gifts women with sexual empowerment. And with that comes an entire transformation - a transformation witnessed by her partner who stands in awe before her.

Mae shares her story about what it's been like for her to dive into this new cuckolding relationship dynamic over the past 7 weeks with her husband of 13 years. They have started writing about their feelings and experiences on their blog The Taboo Couple Next Door.

For all of the men out there who wish their partner would learn about cuckolding relationships, this episode is a MUST LISTEN for her! Women sharing their stories and experiences with other women is the key to better understanding and acceptance of this lifestyle.

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