The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

The truth about the spade - with Drew Marston of Spades Magazine

July 24, 2021 Venus and Drew Marston Episode 29
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
The truth about the spade - with Drew Marston of Spades Magazine
Show Notes

A Queen of Spades - often heard of in the interracial cuckolding lifestyle as a woman with a sexual preference for black men. For many years this has been a fairly benign phrase that represented a woman's adoration, respect, and sexual worship of beautiful black men.

But lately there has been chatter of it meaning something else entirely.  So here to set the record straight is Drew Marston of Spades Magazine. He will blend his personal experience as a black bull in the lifestyle for over 14 years, with a deep dive into the history of the word "spade" with the help of a friend who is an etymologist (studies the origins of words) to find out exactly where that word came from and how it has been used historically.

In addition to his 14+ years as a black bull in the lifestyle, Drew is also an entrepreneur, a published author (Spades Magazine),  creator of #RQOS (real queen of spades),  publisher of Spades Magazine, and hotwife lifestyle promoter.
Get your copy of the magazine:
Spades Magazine and Queen of Spades Confessions
Spades Magazine - Issue 1:
Spades Magazine - Issue 2:

Other links for Drew Marston on Twitter including his personal Twitter, RQOS, and Spades Magazine

The art of the bull - a blog by Drew Marston

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