The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast

The how-to guide for new cuckolding couples

October 02, 2021 Venus Episode 34
The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast
The how-to guide for new cuckolding couples
Show Notes

Those first few steps into cuckolding that a couple takes usually results in a few bumps in the road and quite a bit of stress, especially for the women. So many things to consider and so many expectations and pressure. It can easily take the fun out of the experience.

So what are we doing wrong? Perhaps if we shift our thinking a little and look at things in a different way or even change expectations all together, maybe it would be a lot simpler and enjoyable for all involved. This episode looks at many issues such as why many women new to cuckolding seek out an ongoing partner who they will have an emotional connection with, how to plan your first cuckolding experience, how to really put her choices first so she will love your cuckolding relationship forever, how and where to find a bull, and how to set boundaries.

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